Hannity On Biden Failing The US, Americans Abandoned In Afghanistan

'Hannity' host highlights the crises the Biden administration faces

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SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: All right. And Tucker as always, thank you.

Welcome to HANNITY.

And tonight, Bezo, Boto, Bozo O'Rourke is back and not doing very well. He seems very angry. He used a lot of cuss words and we'll play the tape coming up.

But first, we do have serious news to begin our night and to cover.

ANNOUNCER: Americans Held Hostage, Abandoned Behind Enemy Lines, Day 59.

HANNITY: Day 59, Americans, our allies, their families, green card holders, totally completely utterly abandoned by your president, Joe Biden, behind enemy lines, hostages to terrorists.

Joe hasn't even mentioned these innocent men, women and children in over 40 days. He's -- he's turned the page as he says.

And now, the Biden administration, they are planning to send more money to -- let's see -- oh that's right, the professional and business-like Taliban terrorist. They're calling it humanitarian aid. But in reality, where I grew up, that looks an awful lot like a massive ransom payment to terrorists.

Now, tonight, it's clear everything Biden touches becomes an unmitigated disaster. I can't cite a single success. Afghanistan is a huge massive crisis unprecedented.

I've never seen or thought I'd see this in my life. Look at the border, another catastrophe. COVID-19 is now worse under Biden, despite being gifted three vaccines, a vaccine distribution program, a wealth of knowledge about therapeutics -- monoclonal antibodies among them.

The economy is now a complete and utter train wreck. We have a lot of details we'll give you, especially for low and middle class and middle- income Americans. Well, we have inflation, shortages, unemployment, we will detail all the latest troubling statistics. It's chilling actually and perhaps of all, the worst of all, Joe gave in to the environmental extremists and he abandoned the energy independence at that Donald Trump handed him and now all of us, all of you are suffering because of it.

Police health care workers, first responders, teachers -- yeah, many are now being forced out of their jobs. They are leaving in the middle of an employment shortage, all because of Joe's vaccine mandates. I thought if we got the vaccine, we protected ourselves. Apparently, like with everything else COVID related with Fauci and Biden, it changes daily.

With multiple major crises spiraling out of control, Americans are turning on the Biden White House. Three new polls show Joe Biden underwater by double digits. According to Gallup, Biden's support among independents, it is now cratered to just 37 percent. And now, anti-Biden chants, they are breaking out in stadiums and sporting events, Talladega, at the Rider Cup, football games nationwide. Take a look.


HANNITY: And that is not the only anti-Biden chant that is now trending across the country. Let's go Brandon. That's also a new favorite among Americans, because of this special moment on NBC.

You have a NASCAR driver winning a big race, Brandon Brown. After his big victory at Talladega -- well, the reporter actually thinks they're saying cheering Brandon. When you listen closely, no, they're not. Take a look.


BRANDON BROWN, NASCAR REPORTER: Just such an unbelievable moment.

REPORTER: Brandon, you also told me, you can hear the chance from the crowd. Let's go, Brandon.


HANNITY: No, they weren't chanting "let's go, Brandon" at all.

You, the American people, have every reason to be angry at Joe Biden. He is failing this country around every turn. Every American is paying the price. The world is paying the price.

Inflation is now costing American families, households, $175 extra every month. In other words, that is a $2,100 annual tax on every single household in the country, regardless of income, compliments of Joe Biden's horrific economic policies. The cost of eggs, meat, poultry, fish -- that's up nearly 20 percent, on top of meat and processed meat.

Guess what? A predictor that steak will now become a champagne-like luxury, only available to the wealthy. And the CEO of Kraft Heinz, they're warning that rising food prices are not going away.

Meanwhile, look at this, the cost of cotton is up a whopping 47 percent to date. That is a 10-year high. Right now, we have a 30-year high in terms of inflation indicators. In other words, any clothing you buy has cotton in it or plan on buying is going to cost a lot more.

The cost of raw materials is also surging. The cost of motor vehicles, car parts is surging. Almost every single thing you buy is now more expensive.

At the core of all of this massive inflation, rising energy costs and gas prices, all caused by Joe Biden. In one of his first acts as president, Joe Biden artificially reduced America's oil and gas supply capabilities and in the same time, he literally lowered the supply chain of the lifeblood of the world's economy, energy, in the stroke of one pen. He halted the Keystone Pipeline and he gave Vladimir Putin -- yes, a special waiver to build his pipeline.

As a result, natural gas prices are up a whopping 112 percent since January. Biden is making Russia rich again. Oil prices are up 65 percent, $5 a gallon gasoline is now a reality in New York, California, and soon probably a gas station near you.

Of course, diesel prices, they're also surging. Everything that you buy in every store gets there via truck. Those trucks, they use diesel.

Now, these extra transportation costs, they're going to be passed on to you. Part of the Biden inflation tax, the consumer.

Add to this another major problem, that's America's supply chain. That's in a state of chaos because of America's work shortage -- worker shortage, cargo ships off the coast in California, New York, they're piling up, unable to unload their containers.

Meanwhile, goods are now piling up in warehouses because of a lack of drivers.

Now, nationwide, shortages, that's become the norm. Walmart, Costco, they're now rationing toilet paper, tires are becoming hard to find for you. Your car or truck, look, at your screen. Grocery store shelves are going empty in some places, those images from Tennessee.

Economists are warning many Christmas presents for your kids, they're not going to be arriving in time for the holiday season. Even more troubling, a looming shortage of school bus drivers. One transportation expert is now predicting this driver shortage alone will remain severe all year long. And as you can see, the economy another Biden preventable catastrophe yet Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats, they're just determined to make it worse and worse, with trillions of new spending and new taxes that will be passed on to you.

That is a move that will cause inflation to skyrocket even more. But as Jen Psaki explained earlier today, Democrats never let a crisis go to waste. Take a look.


JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: The president wants to make fundamental change in our economy and he feels coming out of the pandemic is exactly the time to do that, and if we don't do it now, if we don't address the cost of child care, to go back to Josh's question earlier, if we don't address the climate crisis, if we don't ensure that universal pre- K is a reality now, we're not going to have the same opportunity to do it for some time.


HANNITY: We won't have the opportunity to do it for some time because hopefully you get voted out in the midterms.

Anyway, sadly, the New Green Deal socialist spending programs, that's what we need to worry about and we cannot afford the trillions of dollars they're going to borrow and spend. Governor Newsom out in California, he's now even banning gas-powered lawn mowers and chainsaws in California. I hope they don't do that to weed whackers. I love my weed whacker.

And the Biden administration's new vaccine mandates are forcing thousands of teachers, police officers, first responders, health care workers, and yes, our military are opting out of their jobs in the middle of a pandemic, a nationwide worker shortage on top of it.

One positive development, a federal judge ruled in favor of health care workers, seeking a religious exemption from the vaccine mandate. Over the weekend, Southwest Airlines, they were forced to cancel more than a thousand flights because of a suspected sick out protest against the company's new vaccine mandate. And that's not stopping the Biden administration or the great flip-flop I've been wrong on pretty much everything, Dr. Fauci -- you know, the guy that helped fund the Wuhan virology lab from floating a truly insane mandate for all Americans that want to fly on a commercial airplane. Take a look.


DANA BASH, CNN HOST: Would you like a vaccine mandate for air travel and effect for the holidays?

DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, DIRECTOR, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES: Well, it depends on what you mean if you're talking -- you know, we do now have a situation when people coming in from outside of the country who are not United States citizens they really must require that they get vaccinated as well as getting tested before.

On the table is the issue of mandates for vaccine. It's always discussable. We always wind up discussing it.

BASH: Do you support it?

FAUCI: But right now, I don't see that immediately. You know, Dan, I don't want to say support or not. I think it's a decision that's made by input from a number of parts of the government, including public health.


HANNITY: All right. Soon, if Joe Biden gets his way, millions of Americans will not be able to get a job or even travel. But don't worry, I'm sure that they will have no impact on our already struggling economy right and at the center of our current economic crisis, yep, there he is,. the weak, frail, cognitively struggling mess, clueless Joe Biden experiencing even more cognitive decline today. Another 3:00 p.m. early afternoon lid, he needed his nappy time.

And Joe, while he's asleep at the wheel, his radical advisors, they just take over. Who they are? We don't know, and they want to fundamentally reshape this country and they're saying so. They want to upend the greatest economic engine on the face of this Earth, the greatest wealth creating system on the face of the Earth.

They want open borders. They want amnesty. They want womb to the tomb, cradle to grave entitlements. We cannot afford for every single person unable or unwilling to work.

They want to turn the United States of America into their socialist leftist status utopia and they must be stopped at the ballot box before it's too late.

Here with reaction, the author of the upcoming book, "The Chief's Chief," former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is with us. By the way, we're going to put that on Hannity.com. It's on amazon.com, along with fellow White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

I can't think of a single thing if we look at Afghanistan, if we look at the economy, Mark Meadows, if we look at covet if we look at energy if we look at China and I can keep going -- all of this is impacting the American people and the world. Our allies are frightened and our enemies are emboldened.

MARK MEADOWS, FORMER WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF: Well, they are and they should be. I can tell you, it's not just the way that we've dealt with the Taliban. Can you imagine any world leader saying that what they needed to do is let all the prisoners out of the prison in Afghanistan before getting American citizens out, before withdrawing?

You know, we now know that the suicide bomber came from actually incarcerated there in Afghanistan and yet, you're one of the few people that are willing to talk about that. But it's not just Afghanistan. You're right, independents are leaving in droves and they should because they see no leadership from the White House.

They see inflation continuing to rise and they see a double standard. You know, since when do you say we're not going to build a wall and pay people to not build a wall while guarding materials at our southern border. I mean, it just couldn't get any more insane than that.

And I know Reince has seen this up close and personal but it is time that we say enough is enough.

HANNITY: You know, look at it more deeply, Reince Priebus. Afghanistan, we abandon Americans. At the border, in the middle of a pandemic, we give preferential treatment to people that don't respect our laws. There's no COVID testing, there's no vaccine mandate.

Look at the economy, look at inflation, look at the Biden -- you know, inflation tax. We give up energy independence, now we have to care about the Middle East and the straits of Hormuz.

Look at COVID, more COVID cases this year than last year. More people died this year than last year, and that's all -- that's all Joe Biden talked about in 2020, when he did talk.

China is now saber rattling with Taiwan and now we're begging OPEC to produce more oil. I can't make a worst case scenario, Reince Priebus.

REINCE PRIEBUS, FORMER WHITE HOUSE CIHEF OF STAFF: Well, I think one of the angles and you kind of hit on it in the monologue is that the Democrats want to create a socialist and welfare state. Biden and the Democrats actually probably don't think that they're making mistakes as much as we think.

On the border, they want the United States to be the home of any person that wants to come here. On gas prices, they don't want us driving cars and guzzling gas. On beef, they think cows are the enemy of the American people. They think that they're bad for the environment.

Saul Alinsky spelled it out. Remember we used to talk about this. He said, to create a socialist state, you increase poverty, you increase people's dependent on government, you increase debt and you increase taxes and you create a welfare state where every person is dependent on all the free things that government gives them. They have created and what they want to create is a Soviet-style government state where people have to go vote to preserve everything that's free to them. This is what they want to do.

HANNITY: Does this impact --


MEADOWS: Yes, Sean, one of the things -- yeah, Sean, one of the things that we see here if you look at it most Americans just say, listen, just stop working against this, stop paying people to stay home, stop -- you know, messing up the supply chain. They just want the government to get out of the way. And yet, Joe Biden thinks the government is the answer, and it is a socialist communist way to look at it and it never works.

HANNITY: It never has, never will.

How does this impact November 2022? We're almost a year away, from I think probably the most important midterm in my lifetime -- Reince?

PRIEBUS: Well, look, independents are leaving the Biden, as Mark just said. And look at it, it matters. Now, you talked 2022, look at Virginia in a few weeks. One thing to keep in mind, this is important. In 2020, 1.8 million more people voted in Virginia than the last governor's race in 2017. That means that what people think about what's happening in the federal government in a presidential race mattered to 1.8 million people that both candidates are trying to engage.

Biden can't go to Virginia. Kamala Harris can't go to Virginia. So what are they doing? They're sending Barack Obama because there are no national Democrats in Washington that can engage in Virginia --

HANNITY: And Jill Biden.

PRIEBUS: -- because they hate what they're seeing.

HANNITY: I agree.

All right. Now, you're both chief of staff. "The Chief's Chief" is Mark's new book. That's on amazon.com. I don't know if -- I don't know if you take any offense at that, Reince. I assume not.


PRIEBUS: Oh, no.

MEADOWS: I hope he doesn't because --

PRIEBUS: I'm number one, right?

MEADOWS: Reince and I are friends. Reince and I are friends but I will say this, it does allow people to see what Reince and I perhaps are two of the few people that actually got to see is the way that the president makes decisions and quite frankly the way that this President Joe Biden is not making decisions.

HANNITY: I take a few mean tweets over any one of these disastrous decisions Joe Biden has made.

PRIEBUS: I'm going to buy many copies of your book, Mark, and I can't wait --


HANNITY: That's a good idea. I will too.

PRIEBUS: I'm sure it'll be great.

HANNITY: Amazon.com, "The Chief's Chief".

All right. Thank you, Mark Meadows, Reince Priebus.

All right. Tonight, the only person who might actually be more clueless than Joe Biden is his vice president, Kamala Harris. While multiple major crises spiral out of control, the vice president sat down with a group of child actors to film a very -- let's say -- strange video produced by a comedy -- a company rather called Sinking Ship Entertainment. How ironic and fitting.

Take a look.


KAMALA HARRIS, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I just love the idea of exploring the unknown. We just haven't figured out or discovered yet. To think about so much that's out there that we still have to learn, I love that. I love it.

So, I'm very excited about the Space Council. We're going to learn so much as we increasingly I think are curious and interested in the potential for the discoveries and the work we can do. So that's one of the things I'm most excited about. But you guys are going to see, you're going to literally see the craters on the moon with your own eyes. With your own eyes, I'm telling you. It is going to be unbelievable.


HANNITY: OK, because the kids didn't talk in that video, why did they hire child actors? I don't know.

Here with reaction, from the Trump Organization, Donald Trump Jr.

I'm just going to let you, you know, pick up the conversation, where we are, because we all know none of these things that I've listed tonight would be happening if your dad was president. That's just a fact.

DONALD TRUMP, JR., EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDETN AT THE TRUMP ORGANIZATION: No, of course not, Sean. I was actually with him not that long ago today, talking about this. And I can assure you, he wouldn't be paying essentially a pre-ransom to the Taliban because they left Americans there. Maybe if they did something and they ever gave them anything, they usually get back some of our equipment which will be used for decades to come.

You know, all the M4s, all the helicopters, all the Humvees, all of that equipment will be used to suppress any sort of free speech, will be used to suppress and enslave women and children, people will be killed and maimed with American equipment because we left it to the Taliban forever. This wouldn't happen under Donald Trump.

You know what else wouldn't happen under Donald Trump? Having to pay child actors to do a video for NASA while you're supposed to be in charge of the crisis at the southern border, a second humanitarian crisis that's happening concurrently with the disaster in Afghanistan. And now, the United States is paying bribes to Afghanistan.

We have a VP that's totally MIA. They need to bring in child actors because apparently she's incapable of actually being real. I mean, her commitment to cringe is truly impressive, Sean.

And the fact that it's Sinking Ship Entertainment that did the production tells you everything you need to know because the Biden administration is a sinking ship. People see it all over the world, but unfortunately for America, the Russians see it. The Chinese see it, which is why now the Chinese are flying airplanes into Taiwanese airspace with reckless abandon because they know that America in nine short months has lost their standing as the leader of the free world.

They realize our allies, our friends realize that America who won't defend its own citizens in Afghanistan won't defend its own allies and people that helped us for 20 years, our generals are so clueless they didn't even know what was going on for 20 years, that they could not have seen this coming. America is in a bad spot right now, Sean, and it's a -- it's a true shame. It really is sick.

HANNITY: All right. So then you add to it, the energy crisis, self-induced by Biden. He caused it by artificially limiting the world supply. We were energy independent because of your father for the first time in 75 years. Then you have inflation on top of it, then you have the border issue on top of it.

And you're right about Taiwan, I don't think the communist Chinese care one bit. If they're not going to -- if Joe Biden's going to abandon Americans, he's going to abandon Taiwan. That's a fait accompli, and they know it.

TRUMP JR.: Of course, he is. Of course, he is, Sean. You know, remember, but the media was very clear and so was the Biden administration, we're not going to cancel fracking. We're not going to end these things, day one. They're just lying to you, Sean.

They're happy just lying. They'll say whatever they need to to move the ball in their favor. Obviously, that would have been very unpopular in many swing states. So, they'll tell you they're not going to do it. The media is going to cover it, just like the Hunter Biden laptop. I imagine if it was the Don Jr. laptop from hell, it would not be considered Russian disinformation by those same left-wing communist activists that run our mainstream media, that --

HANNITY: All right. Last question.

TRUMP JR.: -- social media, they would have been outraged but none of that.

HANNITY: You know your dad as well as anybody. He told me for reasons he can't answer. Is it your belief he runs? Second part of that question, the friend wants me to ask you, will you run for office one day?

TRUMP JR.: Listen, my job is to fight for the American people. I'm going to keep doing that. You know, I got the bug. I'm going to stay very active I don't know if that means running in the future. Certainly not right now.

If my father decides to run, I really hope that's the case. For me as the father of five young kids, as a patriotic American, he is the only man in our lineup. There's some great people coming up. Maybe they'll be great someday.

But people got to remember, when all of the arrows, when all of the fire is trained on one individual who'll be the leader of the Republican Party, you can have a couple good sound bites, that's a whole different game. Donald Trump is the only guy that can do that and I hope that he opened the door for a Republican and a conservative bench of people that will learn to fight like Trump. That's not there yet.

So in 2024, I'd say he's our best chance. I think it's going to take a little while. I hope he does it because I want this country to succeed. I want my children to grow up in an America that we recognize, Sean. I want America to be the leader of the free world.

And it's amazing what Joe Biden has done because he ceded that position in nine short months. Don't worry. There's only what -- three and a half years to go, a little three and -- it's insane what he could do, the damage that could be done.

We have to prevent that. We have to push back during the midterms, which is where I'm going to stay incredibly involved. I know my father will, and then we will see.

But, you know, he's the guy. He's the only one I know that can take all of that heat.

HANNITY: Well, we know Americans wouldn't have been abandoned. We know the border would be secure. We know we wouldn't have an economic mess.

We know we'd be energy independent. We know that we'd have more -- more therapeutics. We know that Taiwan wouldn't be under threat of China. That's just a short list.

Don Jr., thank you.

All right. Straight ahead tonight, Biden's border crisis is worsening. Our own Griff Jenkins has an update from Panama tonight.

And Lindsey Graham, he just toured a border facility in Arizona and he's going to react to what he saw because they tried to hide it from him. Oh, like everything else, straight ahead.


HANNITY: Now yet another massive illegal immigrant caravan with literally tens of thousands of people making its way from Panama to the U.S. border, and that's not all. These illegal immigrants are now being transported down a river to a local shelter as they make their dangerous journey to get to the southern border.

Our own Griff Jenkins is in Panama. He's got the latest -- Griff.

GRIFF JENKINS, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Sean, we're on the Rio Cukanake (ph). It is the point that the migrants come out of the jungle that deadly Darien Gap and get in a boat for a three hour ride to the Lajas Blancas shelter, as you see them passing they say they expect some migrants to come in today they pay dollars per adult for this boat ride where they'll get to that Lajas Blancas migrant shelter.

Many of them arriving scared after their five day journey through the Darien Gap, some sick, some injured. We saw one woman with a badly bandaged leg and infection setting in. But there is a sense of relief for these migrants who have made it through that stop on their way towards the U.S.

Now, they'll get on a bus to go 12 hours north to Costa Rica, where they'll be let out to continue their journey. They'll pay for that. But by the time they get through central America and to Mexico, they'll begin to pay the cartel for their journey to the U.S.

It's all part of this long Panamanian pipeline if you will of these migrants coming out of south America going all the way to the U.S., and until the U.S., our Biden administration does something about the checkpoint here, there's little to stop what's coming north to our border - - Sean.

HANNITY: All right, Griff. Thank you.

And don't forget, DHS Secretary Mayorkas said as many as 400,000 people will be coming to our southern border illegally perhaps in the next month.

Yesterday, Senator Lindsey Graham, he toured what is the worsening border conditions in the Yuma sector in Arizona. Now, the Biden administration is trying to do damage control tonight because get this, according to a report, border agents, they cleared out the only overflow facility in the Yuma sector ahead of Senator Graham's visit.

So, ask yourself, why was the facility, all of a sudden, cleared out? The answer should be obvious. It's called another Biden cover-up because they don't want you to see it, just like they didn't want cameras in the overcrowded cages in the middle of a pandemic that they built.

And where did the illegal immigrants inside the facility go to? Did they get COVID tested? Did they get the vaccine mandate? Or would they disperse to the rest of the country and released into the interior of the U.S.?

Was -- did they do anything -- they put impose any of the health mandates that they're imposing on you on them?

Anyway, the Biden open borders agenda doesn't stop there. As failed DHS Secretary Mayorkas has ordered ICE to immediately stop any mass work site deportation raid in the administration's latest efforts to gut and handcuff ICE.

Here with reaction, Senator Lindsey Graham.

How convenient that you're headed to give a honest report to the American people, the Yuma sector, and they cleaned everything out just before you got there. It sounds a lot like when you and Senator Cruz and others went to see the Biden cages in Texas.

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM (R-SC): Well, let me tell you what I saw. One, the Border Patrol would like me to come down every week, because they finally get somebody to help them.

The Border Patrol -- the men and women the Border Patrol are being asked to do the impossible. They're American patriots. So, they deserve all of our appreciation and thanks.

But they've been abandoned by the Biden administration. There were 5,000 people in this facility made for 500 until I came. When I got there, there was still a thousand.

So between October of 2020 and October of this year, 2021, in the Yuma sector alone, there's been a 1,300 percent increase in illegal crossings. In all of 2020, 8,000 people are apprehended in the Yuma sector. As of the week I went there -- so, a couple of days ago -- +140,000 people in the Yuma sector alone.

What you see in Texas is moving to Arizona, my friend.

HANNITY: Let me ask you this, Senator. We're a nation of law, or we're supposed to be. Our laws are all predicated on that great document known as our Constitution. Joe Biden is not only not enforcing the law, but he's aiding and abetting the law breaking by processing, and not even requiring. They're requesting people to show up, not requiring.

So, my question is, does every other American get to pick and choose what laws they want to obey and not obey?

GRAHAM: Well, if you really were serious about people coming into the country bringing COVID, you know, if you're going to travel from Germany to the United States, you have to be vaccinated and have a negative test. You had a hundred and fourteen thousand people come in the Yuma sector alone since last October, nobody's being tested, nobody's been vaccinated. They don't have the capabilities to that. This is another --


HANNITY: Wait a minute, that's -- isn't that preferential treatment for illegal immigrants?

GRAHAM: You know, it's yeah -- it's stupid, it's dangerous.

What I saw that bothers me the most is another 9/11 in a making. There are 80 countries that they pick people up from. There are two terrorists from Yemen they caught just a few weeks ago.

How easy would it be for an al Qaeda or ISIS cell to leave out Afghanistan and come through the southern border to blend in with this group that Griff was talking about?

The Border Patrol is doing the best they can, but they told me that the likelihood of a terrorist attack coming from our southern border grows by the day.

And what you see in Texas is moving to Arizona, a 1,300 percent increase in legal crossings in the Yuma sector in the last few months. Why? We changed the Remain in Mexico policy.

Now, what Mayorkas did today, calling off all the raids of work site, is going to be another incentive for people to come, because the word is out. You come, you claim asylum, you never leave. The policy choices of Biden are all over the world now.

We had 40,000 Brazilians come through the Yuma sector alone, headed for Connecticut wearing designer clothes and Gucci bags.

This is not economic migration anymore. People see an open America they take advantage of us, and it will be long before terrorists gets in this crowd.

HANNITY: Unrelated question. So last week, for two months, the Republican Party was united in saying that they're not going to help the Democrats they're not involved in the budget, you've been pushed away. That you're not going to help raise the debt ceiling.

Then last Tuesday, one week ago today, Mitch McConnell folded, your words. We folded. We caved.

Why did 11 Republicans for two months tell the American people they were going to do one thing and do another? Why didn't they keep their word?

GRAHAM: Well, we should have. We got ourselves in a box, but Mitch sent a letter to President Biden said, we'll never do this again. That's encouraging to me.

They want to spend the money through telling us --


HANNITY: Why should we believe him this time? For two months, the whole Republican Party was saying we're united?

GRAHAM: Yeah, I feel confident that we're not going to do this again. If we do this again, we're going to shoot ourselves in the head, politically.

The Democratic Party is ruining this country. They're putting our nation at risk. The Republican Party needs to stand strong.

I went to the border and Sarah went with me. What I saw broke my heart and I've never been more worried about a terrorist attack than I am right now. The men and women of the Border Patrol have been abandoned by the Biden administration. I asked them, do you see a plan to change this, and they said no.

HANNITY: Do me a favor. You might want to ask Joe if you ever get to see him, maybe go visit him in Delaware, and you might want to ask him what his plan is to rescue the Americans he abandoned behind enemy lines in Afghanistan. Because he hasn't talked about him in 40 days.

Senator, I appreciate you being with us.

When we come back, another day, another scandal for zero experience Hunter Biden. It's getting bad. Miranda Devine has the goods on Hunter. Pete Hegseth also joins us with reaction. That's next.


HANNITY: Now, tonight's something the media mob will never do, every American needs to ask themselves a tough question -- is the Biden family compromised, with all the money and all their dealings with foreign countries? Ask yourself, why is China being allowed to infringe on Taiwan airspace with no consequences whatsoever? Why is Joe Biden killing pipelines and high-paying career jobs for Americans while simultaneously giving the green light and waivers for Vladimir Putin so he can build his pipeline, so he can supply energy to our allies in Western Europe?

Why is Joe Biden making America less energy independent and begging OPEC for more oil? Why did Biden lift sanctions even on Iran?

Look, we know all about Hunter Biden's nefarious behavior, the pictures the videos from the laptop, and we're about to learn a lot more. We know he got massive business deals despite having no or little experience or qualifications. It wasn't just China and Ukraine and Russia and Kazakhstan. We have recent emails revealing that Hunter Biden was seeking an annual two million dollar retainer so he could help release assets being held by the Obama administration from the country of Libya.

Yeah, Joe is vice president. Hunter never got the retainer, but they did have a lot of influence on the Bidens. The Libyans assessed that Hunter Biden was, quote, an alcoholic, drug addict, kicked out of the U.S. Army for cocaine, chasing low-class hookers, their words, constantly needing money, liquidity problems and many more headaches.

Now, do you think China assess the same thing? Do they likely have compromising materials? Does Russia have compromising materials? Are we the only ones that are going to ask these tough questions?

What is motivating Joe Biden to give Putin a waiver or to let China pretty much do anything they want? Why would he do this? Why is he so committed to America last and weakening America?

And as always, let's play our little mind game. Imagine if the Trump kids were taking money from Russia, a Russian oligarch, a Kazakh oligarch, the Bank of China, Ukrainian companies, that -- well, pretty shady to say the least with no experience. What if one of the Trump kids all of a sudden decided to become an artist and was selling what looks to me like paint by numbers paintings to anonymous buyers we are told with no transparency? The media mob, they would be apoplectic. You know, crickets, you don't hear a thing from them.

Now, of course, circle back Jen Psaki, the White House, they dodge, they deflect and they downplay Hunter's behavior. We've been showing your videos again and again and again.

Joining us now, the author of this new book, I can't wait to get a hold of it. I've yet to get my manuscript. I thought we were friends. Miranda Devine, "Laptop From Hell" is the name of the book. She is on my bad side tonight.

Also, we have Pete Hegseth, "FOX and Friends Weekend" co-host.

Miranda, I've not gotten my manuscript I want a copy because I understand that the revelations on a scale of one to ten or a hundred that you're going to make that things that you know are in this laptop that have never been revealed. Is that true?

MIRANDA DEVINE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: It sure is. It's a forensic deep dive into the laptop. And as you can see, there's no end of embarrassing and incriminating material that Hunter Biden left out there in the open that is really bad news for his father.

You have to wonder why he was so reckless and irresponsible as to leave his laptop -- not just one actually, three of them, lying around for people to find and, you know, it's hard to get to the gold in this laptop. That's why it's taken such a long time uh for this information to come out, but it'll all be in the book when it comes out.

HANNITY: And on a scale of one to ten, is it a hundred the revelations?

DEVINE: A hundred is pretty good, yep.

HANNITY: Yeah. You know, Pete, I know you have contacts. You work hard. We talk to a lot of the same people. I'm sure you've been briefed on the laptop.

Let's put it this way. It's so bad -- and I have great lawyers. I pay a lot of money for my lawyers, but they're worth every penny. They keep me out of trouble, I don't do anything without talking to my lawyers.


My lawyers, I've been offered three separate ways a copy of the laptop from hell. My lawyers will not allow me to take custody of that laptop. Now, that's a pretty amazing thing to me because they've been briefed on what's on it as well.

PETE HEGSETH, FOX & FRIENDS WEEKEND CO-HOST: Because, Sean, there are two sets of rules of course, and the only media outlet that's been willing to touch it from the beginning -- thank goodness to Miranda -- is "The New York Post" because everyone else is saying you have the joke --


HEGSETH: No, absolutely, there -- everyone else is in on the joke. There are two systems of justice. The media is in on this.

And the most recent revelation of course is that the art gallery that Hunter Biden went to got $350,000 in additional revised loans from the government right before he went to show his art, and this is the guy that wasn't supposed to meet anybody except he was there to sell his art. At the same time and, oh, by the way, that art gallery has two employees and they got $580,000.

So from beginning to end, anything that Hunter Biden touches is a double standard. We know the left doesn't have standards, unless it's double standards, and they're not doing anything, Sean, from Taiwan to the pipeline because they want approval ratings.

If they liked approval ratings, they do what Donald Trump did. They're doing it because they're beholden to something else and your finger is on the pulse. Something else that that they're wedded to.

HANNITY: I call it portraits of a crack addict.

And my question, Miranda, is -- will your book show that the Biden family is compromised by countries like China and Russia and Ukraine and potentially others?

DEVINE: Completely, and I think you'll be shocked by the high level that Hunter Biden and his Uncle Jim were operating at. All by virtue of the fact that they were really emissaries for Joe Biden, they were only there in the bosom of the oligarchs in the bosom of Vladimir Putin's inner circle and President Xi's inner circle by virtue of the fact of Joe Biden's great power, because, of course, you remember when Joe Biden was vice president, he had been deputized by President Obama to be America's number one in those countries.

And so, whatever Joe Biden said that happened and countries like Russia and China could not believe that they had two such buffoons as in a crack addict in Hunter Biden and his equally buffoonish uncle, Joe's brother Jim, just buffooning around, yeah.

HANNITY: `Laptop from Hell", November what?

DEVINE: Thirty, November 30. All right, and I'm going to have my manuscript delivered at what point an early copy or something?

All right, Miranda, thank you.

DEVINE: Very soon, very soon.

HANNITY: Pete, good to see you. Watch every weekend.

When we come back, straight ahead, Nancy Pelosi lecturing reporters today for not promoting her radical economic agenda. Well, you did a better job pushing our agenda. Is that what you think their job is? The tape next, straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. Speaker Pelosi tonight is actually berating the media mob for -- get this -- not doing enough to help sell the Democrats' extreme green new deal agenda. You can't make this up. Take a look.


REPORTER: Do you think you need to do a better job at messaging and going forward, how do you sell this if ultimately -- REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA): Well, I think you all could do a better job of selling it, to be very frank with you, because every time I come here, I go through the list. Family medical leave, climate, the issues that are in there, and -- but it is true. It is hard to break through when you have such a comprehensive package.


HANNITY: I think you all could do a better job selling it. That would be the media. They're paid propagandists.

Here with reaction, FOX News contributor, media columnist, his own right for "The Hill", I think he should have his own show on media. Joe Concha is with us.

You should all do a better job of selling our new green deal socialism. I can't understand why you're not doing a good enough job selling it for us.

JOE CONCHA, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: That already wins line of the week. We're not even halfway through. You should be selling this for us better, Sean.

I have expected her to start lecturing that coffee is for closers and ABC always be closing. Now, look, it provides a crystal clear glimpse into how Democrats expect the media to sell they as lawmakers should be selling. But this can't be sold. It's like selling advanced playoff tickets for the New York Jets, it can't be done.

In this spending bill's case, it's because the math -- sorry Jet fans -- has never remotely added up and repeating this line, Sean, over and over again -- I know, sorry, look, it's a transition year what can you say, I like the quarterback.

But here, Pelosi and the president and the press secretary keep saying this over and over again, that trillions in new spending will cost the American taxpayer zero-point-zero dollars. It will also reduce taxes and the debt. It's a bold-faced lie. It's insulting to anybody's intelligence.

And Pelosi expects reporters to sell that? Even the friendliest of press members think that's crazy.

HANNITY: Jen Psaki said the president wants to make fundamental changes to our economy and he feels like coming out of the pandemic is the exact same time to do it. We can't afford the trillions of dollars. It's impossible, nor will any of their promises be fulfilled Joe.

CONCAH: I'd love to see one of the reporters here say, how do you think we should rebuild the economy in the manner that you'd like to by spending trillions of new dollars right, on top of the trillions that we've already spent on COVID and COVID related programs by the way, when inflation is at a 30-year high? I'm pretty sure that will cause more inflation, stagflation, and a lot of myriad of other problems. But we don't seem to be getting that question for some reason. I'd like to see that asked.

HANNITY: Yeah, that's why you deserve your own show, because you're like standing apart. You're not part of the Twitter blue checkmark media cult. I don't know -- that's actually a good thing.

CONCHA: I wanted "The Bachelor". I wanted "The Bachelor", to give the Jesse Palmer, the former backup quarterback for the Giants, that's all I wanted as a show.


HANNITY: You can't save --

CONCHA: It's not going well.

HANNITY: Up next, Beto Bozo O'Rourke, our villain of the day, he was very angry earlier, straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. Villain of the day, Beto Bozo O'Rourke is back with a new message for his political opponents. And he's really pissed off. Take a look.


BETO O'ROURKE, FORMER CONGRESSMAN: If you want to debate or argue or fight or (EXPLETIVE DELETED) with me on politics, I will take it all day long.


HANNITY: I have a lot to throw out. Any time you want, Beto Bozo. Oh, man, that scared the living daylights out of me.

Anyway, thank you all for being with us. Unfortunately, that's all the time we have left for this evening. By the way, please set your DVR so you never miss an episode.

In the meantime, let not your heart be troubled because Laura takes it over. I mean, that's great news.

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